This course aims to provide the students with the necessary skills and tools to carry out and present a research topic. It presents the jobs of researchers and university staff, in research institutions, labs and in R&D departments in companies, and how to apply for them. This course includes also the bibliographical study for the master thesis topic. ¿ Setting goals and defining the objectives of the master thesis; ¿ Bibliographical research and collecting information; ¿ Written communication: reports, theses, journal & conference papers; ¿ Oral communication: research presentations, attending conference & presenting a paper; ¿ Presentation of the researcher positions, and university staff; ¿ The research institutions in EMARO+ countries; ¿ How to apply for a faculty position in research institutions in Europe and worldwide; ¿ Seminars will be organized to present the latest technological developments of advanced topics. This module is assessed via the bibliography report and defense based on the master thesis topic.